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The Marley Coolfilm™ fill consists of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), impervious to decay, fungus and biological attack. The sheets are bonded to form a standard module size of 6 feet by 2 feet by 20 inches high (0.5 meter). The width and length of the module can be specified and the height can be changed to 10 inches upon request. Coolfilm modules are stacked horizontally, each layer perpendicular to the other. The sheet pattern design allows for an optimal heat transfer per unit volume of fill with the corrugations on the vertical axis to help reduce the possibility of clogging and to allow condenser cleaning balls to pass. This style has demonstrated typical fouling rates to be one-third of the level associated with diagonal fluted fills. The flutes in Coolfim are vertical and aerodynamically shaped. Sheet thicknesses available are 12 to 25 mils. Each sheet is bonded to the adjacent sheet at a minimum of four points per standard height (20″). The tested flame spread per ASTM-E-84 is 20. The number of flutes per sheet, as well as their shape and location within the sheet, promote optimum mixing of air and water at the boundary layer and drastically reduce pressure drop.