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Series 400 carbon-fiber driveshafts provide a lightweight, low maintenance alternative to stainless steel driveshafts. Marley neoprene flexible bushings are easier to install and align than others using stainless steel torque elements. Series 400 driveshafts are designed for fans up to 10 meters in diameter and for motors up to 300 hp. The Marley Series 400 carbon fiber driveshafts offer you the following benefits:
Low maintenance—No intermediate couplings or bearings. You realize extensive savings in maintenance costs. The yoke and flange oupling design, featuring flexible bushings, has been proven for more than 30 years on the Marley Series 301 driveshaft. This system is more
tolerant of misalignment, with lower thrust forces transmitted to motor and Geareducer® bearings, than conventional driveshafts. Easy to install/easy to align— Oneโ€‘piece design eliminates hardโ€‘toโ€‘reach intermediate bearings. Installation requires fewer steps. The tube and flange is lightweight, easily handled by two workers. Long service life—Rugged design includes carbon fiber/epoxy composite tube with stainless steel flanges and neoprene flexible elements. Also, vibration is internally dampened to prolong alignment and transmit less vibration to the motor and gearbox. All materials are specially selected for cooling tower duty and longer life. The composite tube prevents transient start-up vibration. Corrosion resistant—Materials such as composite carbon fiber, epoxy, stainless steel, and others help prevent corrosion. Easily interchanged—Owners with Marley 301 stainless steel driveshafts can upgrade to the Series 400 simply by exchanging their existing driveshaft tube assembly with the new carbon fiber tube assembly and using the existing driveshaft yokes.