Marley PPWD Hybrid Plume Abatement

Overview …..

The PPWD (Parallel-Path Wet/Dry) hybrid cooling tower offers efficient cold water temperatures with reduced visible plume and enhanced water conservation.


SPX Cooling Technologies has extensive experience designing and constructing hybrid cooling towers globally. Efficient cold water temperatures are achieved with reduced visible plume, similar to dry cooling systems.

Principles of Hybrid (Wet/Dry) Cooling

A hybrid cooling tower functions in principle like a wet cooling tower. An additional dry section installed in the upper part of the cooling tower reduces visible plume by heating wet air coming from the rain zone.

Our engineers and thermo-hydraulic specialists are experienced in the design and construction heat exchangers and the wet cooling equipment to ensure reliable continuous functioning of the cooling tower.


Material of Casing and Structure

  • FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester)
  • Concrete
  • Wood

Sound Attenuation Options

  • Low noise fans
  • Droplet impact absorbers
  • Sound attenuators

Hybrid Cooling Tower Types

  • Cell-type forced draft
  • Cell-type induced draft
  • Circular cooling tower with forced draft fans — advantages include minimized salt emissions for seawater application and favorable space requirements